Friday, February 22, 2013

Success Secrets - Leena Nair

20 years before Leena Nair joined as a trainee in Hindustan Lever Limited. Now, she became Human Resiyrce Executive Director of the prestigous company.

"I believe  we don't have growth in often changing  our carreer. If we prolong in the same organisation, we can achieve a lot" she says. The Annual income of this company is 22,116 Crores.

Annapurna salt, Annapurna atta wheat flour, Three Roses tea, Kissan Jam, kissan Sauce, Modern Bread, Quality walls Ice cream, Wheel soap, Surf Excel, Rin Soap, Domex, Wim Dishwash, Hamam Soap, Dove Soap, Fair & Lovely , Clinic Plus shampoo, Pears, Liril, Lux, Lifebuoy soap products, sunsil shampoo, vaseline, Ponds Powder - these are the products of Hindustan Lever Limited.

In all the organisations, first & foremost department is Human resource department. From salary of the staffs , all their official requirements are fulfilled by this Human resource department. We can say HR department is the heart of organisation. This kind of responsibility is undertaken by Leena Nair.

Born to a middle class family, she spent her childhood in Kolapur city of Maharashtra. Her father Karthikeyan  insisted on eduction is very very important for Women.  Because of this Leena Nair got more interest in studies.  After completing Engineering, she wanted to do M.B.A.  but her parents forced her to drop the idea and asked her to search job. But in the hope that studying M.B.A. will change the life, she joined in M.B.A. She is gold medalist in M.B.A. After this, she got a job as a management trainee in Hindustan Lever Ltd. She worked in many branches like in Maharashtra, Calcutta, chennai and in some other parts of India.

While working in Maharashtra, 2 or 3% women were working in the particular branch. They didn't have the basic facilities there - even toilet facilities. Women have to uAse the toilet rooms of men.  But leena handled the situation well.  she brought this matter to the management.  As a result, all the amenities are done in all the branches of the company.  She says that she got the first lesson from here. That is
" First of all , Openly talk about  your requirement to the management. Don't work If you keep the matters within you,

She manages 16,500 employees softly. Recently a branch of Hindustan Lever company  due to insolvency , it was closed. At that time, Leena thought of the situation of the employees. she went to their home in person and arranged everything for the rehabiltation of the workers.

"In india 1 1/2 million women are in a good job, then get married. After marriage they r leaving their job. I feel more for this matter" she says.  So, I want to bring them in to their field. That is the technique called as " Career my choice".

Career my choice :-
This career my choice scheme is for those women wokring for a minimum of 2 years and leaving their job becz of their situation. There is 2 options under this scheme.  Taking care of husband & Children and working in the office at the time  which is comfortable to them is the first scheme.

Some women if they feel working in office is impossible, they need not go to office. They can sit at home and work from there,  Now and then Project leader will come and help them.  This is the second scheme.
Now these 2 sceheme are applicable for Mumbai based women employees and soon In India all the women employees may get this facility - says leena

In India if a father is a business magnet, subsequently his son or daughter will take up the responsibility.  This is the business rule here.  But Leena says she don't believe this. Talented people should do business and should win in life.  For this Hindustan Lever company has started " Insight" - event.  Big businees magnets take classes to Hindustan lever employees and share their experiences with them.  This raises the ambition of the staffs.  Tomorrow they may start a business.

Now Leena is appointed as Hindustan Lever company's global leader, From London she will manage Indian work.

Leena's success Mantras :-

1) Don't handle ur employees with "We r the boss " mind.
2) Women have to select a good human being as ur husband. Then only u can continue ur career.
3) If your business brings positive changes on the people around you. Then leave the worry.  Your business will become success...

Success story of Leena nair will bring positive change on those who read this article. I am sure....

With Love,

Jeya kalyani